Polymer Rubber Gel

Polymer Rubber Gel exhibits gel-like physical attributes that are ideal for vertical wall and horizontal deck waterproofing. Because the polymer rubber gel never completely cures and remains flexible, it’s ideal for construction sites where foundation settlement, structural movement or vibration, temperature changes or seismic events are a cause for concern. The gel-like consistency of the product allows it to be a truly self-healing and self-sealing monolithic membrane, mitigating potential water intrusion concerns from punctures or damage to the installed system.

Polymer rubber gel has a proven record of effectiveness for both new construction and restoration applications. It bonds well to challenging substrates and conforms well to irregular substrates due to polymer rubber gel’s unique physical attributes as a highly adhesive material. Minimal surface preparation and rapid single liquid applied-layer application techniques make polymer rubber gel systems a highly productive option over traditional materials and methods for both restoration and new construction applications.

This substrate-responsive waterproofing system is ideal for providing peace of mind on high risk projects, while offering efficiency and high performance. Polymer Rubber Gel systems include HydroGel and TurboSeal. Each provide unique advantages for different jobs. Take a look at each system to see which one fits your project’s needs: HydroGel