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BentoTak is a delayed-swell bentonite self-adhesive waterstop strip designed to stop water infiltration through cast-in-place concrete construction joints and penetrations. BentoTak can withstand ponding water for up to 7-days, can be applied to a wet substrate, and is suitable for application in salt water and freshwater conditions. BentoTak’s unique water-activated adhesive coating allows for fast and easy application, even to irregular substrates, without the need for separate adhesive or mechanical fastening. Unlike expanding rubber hydrophilic waterstops that create a rigid gasket water barrier, BentoTak swells within the concrete joint to fill cracks and voids. This swelling action does not subject the concrete joint to excessive expansion pressures which can lead to cracks in and around the joint. BentoTak can be reactivated nearly indefinitely during wet/dry cycling and only activates around areas of water intrusion.


Ponding water resistant for up to 7 days.

Self-adhesive for fast and easy installation

Requires only 1.25 inches of concrete coverage

Conforms to rough and irregular substrates

Active swelling waterstop is fully encased in concrete to seal off water ingress

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