For nearly 30 years, EPRO has been developing waterproofing systems to keep structures dry and occupants safe. Waterproofing installation is crucial to the construction process. EPRO offers various types of waterproofing systems, both single membrane and multi-layer composite membranes. EPRO has everything you need for any waterproofing solution for any project at any location.

In 2020, EPRO acquired Kingfield Construction Products and is proud to add their products to EPRO’s diverse waterproofing solutions. Adding their products to EPRO allows for a wider range of options for a variety of projects, making EPRO a superior option for waterproofing solutions. EPRO’s design philosophy includes minimizing the amount of seams, fully adhering the system to the substrate, utilizing many waterproofing materials to create redundancy and create value through efficient installation methods.

While EPRO provides applications for both below-grade and above-grade systems, they offer different waterproofing solutions to meet site specific project needs. Take a look at our products below to see which one is right for you.

Whatever your project waterproofing needs, EPRO has a system to meet the demanding requirements of modern day construction.