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ECOBASE is a highly polymer-modified asphalt emulsion that creates a waterproofing barrier for vertical and light duty horizontal applications. Its elastomeric qualities can handle expansion and contraction movement, and minor cracking. ECOBASE is an extremely flexible waterproofing membrane that can handle movement and minor cracking for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Made of a highly polymerized water-based emulsion, it can provide years of protection without breaking down. It can create an exceptional bond even on damp substrate and green concrete, and its enhanced durability can stand up to backfill damage. It is VOC compliant, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-leaching. It is cost-effective and provides excellent dampproofing. With an initial cure time of 10 minutes and a final cure time of 24-48 hours, it sets rapidly.ECOBASE should be applied to clean, dry surfaces, with any adjacent surfaces protected from contact with the substrate. It should be stored above 40℉ and exposure to UV should be limited. You cannot apply a solvent-based product overtop.


A highly polymerized residental water-based emulsion to provide years of protection without breakdown.

Exceptional bonding even on damp substrates and green concrete

It's seamless.

Flexible waterproofing membrane to handle movement and minor cracking.

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