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EPRO provides total building envelope protection for any site conditions, at any location. For 30 years, we have developed extensive waterproofing and vapor mitigation systems for projects across the US and Canada. Understanding that site conditions and performance goals can vary from project to project, we provide options that allow design teams the ability to weigh the pros and cons of each material when selecting a system to meet their needs. With warranted waterproofing and contaminant barrier systems, EPRO aims to be the single-source provider for building projects from start to finish.

Our Story

EPRO was established in 1993 by David Polk and his partners. With backgrounds in various foundation products and the advent of a water-based, spray-applied polymer modified asphaltic emulsion, our core team recognized an opportunity to provide owners, architects, consultants, and contractors with superior waterproofing and contaminant protection solutions. Driven by a passion for making a positive impact on the building envelope, EPRO grew quickly as we refined our systems and developed a portfolio of successful projects.

Our Commitment to Exceptional Service

At EPRO, we are deeply committed to providing world-class service. We are available and responsive to you and your project needs, and we listen carefully and work diligently to help you solve challenges in the field.

EPRO’s promise is to consistently and reliably provide the best possible solution for your site conditions and offer support from project start to finish. We deliver the best warranties in the industry, and we use our three decades of experience to ensure that each project is a success.

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