Hot Deck
HotDeck is a waterproofing protection system that features a 215-mil reinforced layer of HD.membrane, a hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt with reinforcement. The system cures to form a seamless, fully bonded, thick, tough, yet highly flexible waterproofing membrane. The system is protected with a heavy-duty cap sheet (HD.Cap) and commonly finished with a drainage course. The HotDeck hot rubber asphaltic membrane waterproofing system can be used for insulated and uninsulated split-slab, pedestal paver and vegetative deck applications.


Seamless application for monolithic waterproofing.

Proven protection of split-slab above-grade waterproofing.

Full adhesive to deck, restricting lateral water movement.

100% solids provide immediate cure on cooling.

Compatible with a wide range of overlays, including pedestal and pavers, insulation and green roofs.

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