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Planning and carrying out a successful new construction or restoration project is a complex task, and it requires many different disciplines and decisions. One of the most important — yet frequently overlooked — aspects of a successful project is waterproofing.

Whether you are waterproofing a new building or carrying out a restoration waterproofing project, commercial waterproofing can be a minefield. There are many different factors to consider, and failing to sufficiently waterproof a building can have serious consequences. Damages to a building’s structure and negative effects on occupants’ health due to water intrusion are both common results of inadequate waterproofing, and contractors can be liable to pay large sums of money to fix these.

Finding the right waterproofing solutions for your project can be very difficult, especially if you do not have the right expertise. Additionally, juggling this with all of the other aspects of delivering a successful project on time and within budget can seem an impossible task. Unfortunately, there is no single magic waterproofing product or solution that will work for all projects and site conditions, so seeking the help of waterproofing experts can be incredibly beneficial.

An effective waterproofing company can provide expert advice on which products to choose, how to implement them, and can offer personalized customer service to help you get your project on track.

Partnering with waterproofing experts can lighten the pressure and make sure that results are as good as they can possibly be. It is important to consult an experienced expert during the planning stage of a project if you want to make sure that your solution matches your client’s needs!

How Can EPRO Help With Commercial Waterproofing?

A construction crew working on waterproofing the below-ground of a building.

EPRO was founded in 1993 with the aim of providing owners, architects, contractors and consultants with durable waterproofing and contaminant protection solutions of all kinds, and we have become a trusted and respected source of expertise in the waterproofing industry.

We have over three decades of experience in the industry and have helped a range of clients to deliver successful projects that last a lifetime. At EPRO, we understand that every project is different, and site conditions, budget requirements and other factors can vary widely.

We use a patented method called Redundant-Field Installed Composite Design, which involves a water-based, spray-applied polymer-modified asphaltic emulsion and provides the best building envelope protection possible.

Our method can address a variety of different project conditions, from simple foundations with nuisance water to more complex setups with hydrostatic conditions, contaminated soil or groundwater and more. Our waterproofing membranes can be pre-applied to shoring walls or foundation slabs, or post-applied to decks or free-standing concrete walls, to create a durable, watertight seal that prevents water or vapor intrusion.

We are the industry leader for waterproofing as well as contaminant systems and have installed over 50 million square feet of waterproofing membrane! We offer a range of different products, and our team of experts can advise on the best products for your project requirements, and how to install these products effectively.

Our principles remain the same as when we started — we aim to address your issues right away and make sure that they are solved. We’re big enough to fix any issues, but not big enough to have a room full of lawyers to fight you! We have built our solid reputation over many years of offering exceptional customer service, and we work hard to maintain this reputation.

The E.Protect Product Suite

While no single product can fulfill the requirements of every single project, our E.Protect suite of products can collectively provide the waterproofing needed for most projects. The E.Protect suite consists of three products — E.Protect+, E.Protect, and E.Proformance. Our team can advise on the best solution or solutions for your specific project.

  • E.Protect+: E.Protect+ is a pre-applied horizontal underslab waterproofing and contaminant vapor protection that works with all foundations. It combines three waterproofing systems into one to offer the highest level of redundant below-grade building protection available.

    E.Protect+ provides the highest possible level of chemical resistance to contaminants (e.g., chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), petroleum hydrocarbons and methane gas) found in soil and groundwater. A bentonite layer creates a seamless, self-sealing membrane.

    This solution is easy and quick to install over large areas and is a popular choice for those looking to save time and money while ensuring unparalleled protection.

  • E.Protect: E.Protect is a cold-fluid applied system consisting of a 120-millimeter fabric and a thermoplastic protection course. It provides waterproofing protection for between slab, pedestal and paver assemblies, planters, green roofs and balcony decks. E.Protect can be used in conjunction with a variety of different drainage courses.

    E.Protect is an ideal solution for above-grade post-applied concrete waterproofing. Like E.Protect+, this solution includes a bentonite layer and is easy and quick to install over large areas.

  • E.Proformance: E.Proformance is a composite waterproofing system comprised of HDPE geotextile composites (a base layer and a shield layer) and an e.spray polymer modified asphalt. It is ideal for below-grade foundations that are not subjected to constant hydrostatic pressure but still require protection from water and contaminant vapor intrusion.

    Like other E.Protect products, it is quick and easy to install over large areas and provides an extremely high level of chemical resistance. E.Proformance is the most cost-effective compost system we offer and can be used in conjunction with the other E.Protect products.

A construction site with the applied below-grade waterproofing system.


However high quality a company’s products are, there is still always the small chance that something can go wrong — projects can be incredibly complex and varied, and there can be any number of unforeseen circumstances. This is why it is always best to choose a company with sufficient warranty policies.

When working with EPRO products, we offer extensive warranties, and there are various options available. Our warranties provide free replacement of any defective materials. All of our products come with a standard one-year material warranty, and upgraded warranties are available by contacting us.

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Plus, we have made our process quick and easy to ensure that your project gets the solution it needs with minimal headache. Once you’ve filled out our online form, our experts will examine the site and goals of your project and present the best options for your specific needs and budget.

At EPRO, our support does not end when your project does. We will continue to offer support and advice after your chosen EPRO system is applied.

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