NovaTak / Pre-Applied Horizontal

NovaTak is a 60 mil (1.5 mm) pre-applied butyl sheet waterproofing membrane specially formulated to create an adhesive-free ionic fusion to cast-in-place concrete and shotcrete. Applied in blindside shoring and underslab applications, this inseparable fusion between the NovaTak membrane and freshly placed concrete provides superior peace of mind. *NovaTak is specially formulated to create a chemical reaction that ionically fuses the butyl rubber membrane to freshly placed concrete, thus creating an inseparable integration between NovaTak and the concrete substrate. NovaTak is a highly durable, non-vulcanized butyl rubber membrane that is very easy to install due to its flexibility and ability to conform to all types of prepared substrates. NovaTak utilizes butyl adhesive tapes that create butyl-to-butyl bonded seams with a tenacious bond that rivals a heat-welded seam and makes system repairs quick and easy. *Installation is efficient and reliable with butyl-to-butyl adhesive bonds using NovaTape single-sided tape or NovaTape D double-sided tape at manufacturer-marked side laps, end laps, and patches. NovaTak delivers superior performance in harsh conditions without the need for specialized equipment, heat, or power.


Creates an ionic fusion to concrete that is many times stronger than traditional pre-applied sheet membranes and does so without the use of any adhesive.

Stays flexible in extreme cold and exhibits minimal deformation in high heat, making it easy to apply.

Flexibility provides the installer with a membrane that is easy to apply, especially to substrates that are irregular or where multiple penetrations may exist.

Prevents lateral water migration by ionically fusing directly to poured-in-place concrete and shotcrete.

Can withstand long term UV exposure without warping or deforming like other more rigid sheet membranes

Does not pre-activate like bentonite when exposed to rain or ponding water

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