E.Protect+ / Post-Applied Horizontal
E Protect PO H

E.Protect+ is post applied to concrete substrates and provides waterproofing protection for between slab, pedestal, and paver assemblies, planters, green roofs, and balcony decks. E.Protect+ is a 120 mil fabric reinforced cold-fluid applied waterproofing system with a thermoplastic protection course and may include a variety of drainage courses to meet site-specific needs.

System components are as follows:

* 120 mil of e.spray reinforced with e.poly

* e.base 316, 16 mil thermally welded HDPE

* Drainage course per project requirements


Redundant waterproofing protection to create a composite system that is superior to the materials used on its own.

Provides the highest level of chemical resistance to a wide range of contaminants found in soil and groundwater.

It's seamless.

Complete mechanical bond to any concrete overlay.

Installs quickly over large areas, saving time and money for building owners.

Provides continuous active waterproofing protection thanks to the bentonite layer creating a uniform, self-sealing membrane.

No heating of material is required.

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