Geo-Seal® 60

Geo-Seal® 60 is designed to provide a cost-effective alternative for sites desiring a pre-emptive mitigation solution, but also wish to have a vapor intrusion barrier that is more robust and resistant to construction traffic than simple single sheet membranes. While simple single sheet membranes may be able to provide robust chemical resistance, they often lack the robust seals around penetrations and termination points. They are also more prone to punctures during the construction process.

Geo-Seal® 60 makes the decision easy for those debating whether to employ a simple single sheet membrane or utilize a thicker, more robust barrier to protect human health at similar price points.

The Geo-Seal® 60 system is comprised of three distinct layers: Geo-Seal® FILM 11, Geo-Seal® CORE and Geo-Seal® BOND.