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Geo-Seal® 100
Geo Seal 100 layers

Geo-Seal® 100 is an industry leading and patented sub-slab vapor intrusion barrier system that eliminates vapor intrusion for brownfields or any environmentally-impaired site. With more than 50 million square feet installed, the Geo-Seal® 100 system has been in use for more than 20 years. Geo-Seal is the most chemically resistant vapor intrusion barrier on the market today according to third party independent testing. Geo-Seal® 100 consists of three layers: Geo-Seal® BASE, Geo-Seal® CORE (60 mil) and Geo-Seal® BOND.Designed to be thick and robust, Geo-Seal® 100 can withstand the rigors of modern-day construction by providing high tensile strength, puncture resistance and robust seals around penetrations and terminations. Thoroughly tested and proven highly effective against VOC vapors — such as chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and methane gas — Geo-Seal® 100 earns full approval with multiple federal and state regulatory agencies. Geo-Seal® 100 provides peace of mind knowing that a healthy indoor air environment will keep occupants safe while also significantly reducing remediation costs and expediting the development and construction process.


The most chemically resistant barrier on the market according to third party independant testing.

Three layers of complementary containment vapor barrier materials to create a thick, redundant composite system.

Chemical resistance due to multiple highly chemical-resistant HDPE sheets and a polymer-modified asphaltic membrane.

Seamless, monolithic design due to spray-applied core layer to ensure complete sealing of building foundation without mechanical fastening.

Strong mechanical bond that directly adheres the system directly to the foundation slab.