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Geo-Seal® EV40s
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Geo-Seal® EV40s is a significant improvement over existing single sheet membranes. Geo-Seal® EV40s consists of an EVOH membrane combined with a robust geotextile layer to provide a single sheet vapor intrusion barrier that is chemically resistant and easy to install while also providing improved protection during the installation process. Geo-Seal® EV40s is ideal for lower risk sites where site concentrations are at or below state-specific screening levels or large, wide-open, flat sites where speedy installation times are required. It’s also a perfect complement to projects that seek to implement active sub-slab ventilation systems. Pairing Geo-Seal® EV40s with an active ventilation system increases the efficiency of the system while also providing a layer of redundancy should the mechanical components of the active system not operate according to plan or temporarily cease operation. Geo-Seal® EV40s meets most state and federal minimum thickness requirements of 30 mil for passive vapor mitigation barriers and meets Class A vapor barrier standards. Geo-Seal® EV40s utilizes Geo-Seal® CORE spray membrane to seal seams, detail penetrations, and terminate the membrane to concrete surfaces. Geo-Seal® CORE seaming outperforms simple tape sealing methods and allows for barrier smoke testing to ensure a vapor-tight seal.


EVOH geocomposite sheet membrane provides increased thickness and robustness over similarly priced sheet membranes.

Geotextile backing enhances tensile strength and puncture resistance, while also increasing seam strength and durability.

Geo-Seal® EV40 can easily be smoke tested to ensure proper installation and quality control measures.

Meets class A, B and C vapor barrier standards.

Installed by EPRO certified applicator network.