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Geo-Seal® EV80
Geo Seal 100 layers

Geo-Seal® EV80 is a 79 mil thick composite membrane that uniquely combines an Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH), HDPE and spray-applied polymer-modified asphalt to create a composite vapor intrusion barrier system that addresses a wide range of project conditions and contamination. It is ideal for development projects that are willing to compromise on total system thickness and some barrier durability but still desire a highly chemically-resistant barrier. The Geo-Seal® EV80 system consists of three distinct layers: Geo-Seal® EV30, Geo-Seal® CORE and Geo-Seal® BOND. Incorporating newer film technologies such as EVOH into proven composite vapor intrusion barrier systems utilizing HDPE and polymer-modified asphalt, Geo-Seal® EV80 achieves a high level of chemical resistance at lower overall mil thickness.


Geo-Seal® EV30 base is a 31 mil EVOH base course reinforced with a geotextile, which protects the base course from the permeable base layer and creates a strong seal at seams, termination points and penetrations.

Geo-Seal® CORE layer is fluid-applied at 30 mil to the Geo-Seal® EV30 base to create a seamless barrier and increase overall composite system tensile and puncture strength.

HDPE Geo-Seal® BOND® protection layer ensures the other layers remain protected during concrete placement and mechanically bonds the system to the foundation during the concrete curing process for building protection in the event of soil settlement.