A construction team is applying under slab foundation waterproofing on a construction site.


Why is Waterproofing Important for a Construction Project?

Waterproofing is an essential component of any construction or renovation project. A lack of sufficient waterproofing can cause a number of water intrusion-related problems, including dampness, vapor intrusion and even flooding.

These issues can not only cause structural damage to buildings but can also cause serious health and safety issues, for which contractors and developers can be liable. Depending on local legislation, installing a waterproofing system may even be compulsory for a new commercial construction project!

Preventing water intrusion requires an effective and efficient waterproofing system. An initial investment in waterproofing can be more than worth it to avoid costly repairs — or even more expensive legal issues — further down the line.

Challenges of Commercial Waterproofing

Although waterproofing is essential, it is not always easy. Some of the challenges faced by developers include lack of awareness of the different waterproofing products available, lack of understanding of which materials are best for each specific project and lack of expertise in correctly installing these products.

Insufficient products can be vulnerable to damage and degradation from punctures, extreme changes in temperature, and other conditions. These challenges can result in insufficient waterproofing systems that fail to prevent water intrusion.

The EPRO Way

We have almost three decades of experience in providing effective, efficient and enduring commercial waterproofing projects. As well as providing cutting-edge, patented products of only the highest quality, our knowledgeable team can also help you to choose the right products for your unique project. Our waterproofing products include the following:


E.Protect+ is the most advanced waterproofing solution for projects where ultimate protection is needed. It is a revolutionary redundant field-installed composite design that protects against water and vapor intrusion, particularly contaminants such as chlorinated volatile organic compounds (or VOCs), petroleum hydrocarbons and methane gas.

E.Protect+ has four applications — a pre-applied underslab, a blindside shoring wall, a post-applied wall and a post-applied deck. Its elasticity makes it adaptable to a range of temperatures and conditions, and the thermoplastic membrane protection course is resistant to punctures or other forms of damage. The versatility of this product makes it one of our most popular solutions.

E.Protect+ has been used effectively in many projects, including the Venetian resort in Las Vegas. The resort, one of the most iconic in Vegas, commissioned a renovation project of its expansive rooftop pool area in 2018, including the replacement of the deck’s original waterproofing system.

An EPRO E.Protect+ can in front of freshly-applied waterproofing on a construction site.


This project required stripping the rooftop deck down to its concrete foundation, leaving it exposed to rain, dampness, dust and debris during the long winter months. The renovation project had to happen as quickly as possible to minimize the time of this exposure.

EPRO’s E.Protect+ waterproofing system was chosen for its durability and resistance to a wide range of weather conditions, including the intense heat that often damages inferior waterproofing systems during Vegas’ hot summers.

E.Protect+’s reinforced fluid-applied deck assembly enabled it to be installed in the windy and rainy winter conditions without any issues, and then the thermoplastic membrane provided an impermeable layer above the concrete deck, ensuring no water intrusion through the roof from either the pools or from rain.

The system is designed for quick application to minimize the deck’s exposure to the elements as much as possible.


PreTak is a pre-applied HDPE (high-density polyethylene) sheet waterproofing membrane with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) gel backing that mechanically bonds to concrete and shotcrete in blindside shoring and underslab applications. PreTak protects against water intrusion and vapor intrusion, including VOCs and methane, and it is resistant to a variety of conditions.

PreTak’s continuous adhesive bond to concrete and shotcrete is especially effective at preventing lateral water migration, even at seam overlaps. There is a range of seam options for hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions.

PreTak can now solve common challenges found on many redevelopment sites by providing an excellent solution to waterproofing and vapor intrusion mitigation, such as this commercial multifamily development in Los Angeles.

The development is located in an area with methane-rich soils where buildings require specially-certified methane mitigation systems to prevent this harmful and flammable gas from entering via vapor intrusion, and it also had shallow groundwater. PreTak is approved by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, making it the ideal choice to overcome the challenges of this project.

A construction team applying waterproofing to the foundations of a building.


PreTak was used to create an effective building envelope system resistant to harmful methane intrusion. The impermeable, chemically resistant HDPE sheet and watertight PSA were perfectly suited to these challenging conditions. The wide rolls of the membrane ensured efficient coverage over a large surface area, reducing the need for additional components such as tape adhesives and sealants.


E.Proformance systems include pre-applied underslabs, methane and vapor intrusion mitigation (or VIM) systems, blindside shoring walls, slipsheet pre-applied shoring walls, post-applied walls and post-applied decks. E.Proformance systems are designed for lower-risk sites.

An example of an E.Proformance system installation is the 28-acre Brentwood Town Center in the city of Burnaby, directly east of Vancouver. For a project of this size and scale, it is essential to select the right waterproofing solution. EPRO was selected by J’s Waterproofing to assist them with such a demanding project.

“We went with EPRO because we knew it would allow us to meet the production schedule, allow us to work year-round, and provide our client with a reasonably-priced system for site conditions, like Brentwood, which were without a massive hydrostatic issue,” explained Kyle Tower, General Manager, J’s Waterproofing, Inc., applicator and waterproofing contractor.

This construction site during the daytime has many trucks and machinery on site.


EPRO’s E.Proformance Slipsheet was utilized for below grade blindside waterproofing on Phase I of this project, where 230,000 square feet of EPRO systems were installed. In addition to blindside waterproofing, EPRO was also used to waterproof a cut-and-cover tunnel that runs between the Town Center and Tower 3. The lid of the tunnel was protected with E.Protect Deck, 120 mil reinforced polymer modified asphalt, with a 15 mil polyolefin protection course and drain mat.

How Can EPRO Help You With Your Commercial Waterproofing Project?

It is not just our products that are of the highest quality. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the waterproofing industry and has worked alongside clients on a variety of projects with their own specific challenges. Our engineers can help you every step of the way — from identifying your project’s unique challenges to choosing the best waterproofing solution, we have your back.

Our process ensures that your project gets the budget-friendly solution it needs quickly and efficiently. Once you fill out our online form, our team will evaluate the site and goals of your project and present the options best suited for your needs.

Once your EPRO system is applied and your project has reached completion, our team is prepared to offer support and advice if any problems arise — but we’re confident that won’t happen.

Ready to get started or have any questions for our team? Contact us today!