Situated in the city of Burnaby, directly east of Vancouver, Brentwood Town Center is an expansive mixed-use development on a 28-acre site. On a project of this size and scale, it is essential to select the right waterproofing solution. It is critical that the right materials be selected and executed perfectly: Brentwood Town Center is not an easy job. Because of their expertise in the field and experience with many different conditions, Ellis Don, responsible for construction and building services, selected J’s Waterproofing to meet the needs of such a demanding project.

J’s Waterproofing chose to work with EPRO Services, Inc. (EPRO), an innovator of composite waterproofing. “We went with EPRO because we knew it would allow us to meet the production schedule, allow us to work year-round, and provide our client with a reasonably-priced system for site conditions, like Brentwood, which were without a massive hydrostatic issue,” explained Kyle Tower, General Manager, J’s Waterproofing, Inc., applicator and waterproofing contractor.

EPRO’s E.Proformance Slipsheet was utilized for below grade blindside waterproofing on Phase I of the project, the Town Center, where 230,000 square-feet of EPRO systems were installed. In addition to blindside waterproofing, EPRO was also used to waterproof a cut-and-cover tunnel that runs between the Town Center and Tower 3. The lid of the tunnel was protected with E.Protect Deck, 120 mil reinforced polymer modified asphalt, with a 15 mil polyolefin protection course and drain mat.

Product installation started in 2015 and was completed in April of 2018. Tower 3 was completed in 2020.