When it comes to commercial buildings, waterproofing your project is incredibly important. Without it, water infiltration can lead to significant damage with costly repairs and delays. EPRO’s various waterproofing methods can save buildings from foundation damage, mold, mildew, excessive humidity, and also prevent health hazards and reduce energy costs.

EPRO believes firmly in its products. With our 25-year track record of waterproofing excellence, it’s important that each and every customer trusts us, and we earn that trust through our success stories. Read on to learn more about the Venetian and its deck waterproofing win.

EPRO Venetian construction project.

The Project

In 1999, one of the most iconic Las Vegas resorts, the Venetian, was able to open up and welcome guests. This world-class, state of the art destination evokes feelings of old-world Italy with its innovative architectural features.

It has innumerable mesmerizing attractions, but one stands out. The rooftop pool, which spans approximately three acres, is an immense draw in the hot Vegas months.

The pool was designed to mimic the Italian Riviera and has a slew of cabanas and places for patrons to lounge alongside its five different pools. In 2018, the Venetian resort decided to do a full renovation of its iconic pool area. However, they wanted to do the entire renovation during the off-season so it would not impact the guest experience.

Before this attraction was able to attract any eager guests, however, it had to deal with the hard work of protecting and waterproofing the site.

EPRO played a key role in ensuring the opening night was full of elegance and success.

The Problem and the Solution

The deck is located directly on top of the casino and resort, so everything had to be removed before starting construction on the new pools, which was challenging. This included pools, planters, all the decor, trees and the original hot-applied waterproofing system. In total, three acres of structural deck had to be completely exposed, open to the elements, and stripped directly down to the original concrete structure to be entirely remodeled.

The schedule for the construction project was extremely tight, and there were overwhelming amounts of weather conditions, debris and dust with which to contend. The only product that could successfully mitigate all these problems was EPRO’s E.Protect+ waterproofing system.

As the product was installed during the winter, the weather was not ideal; it was often rainy and damp. To ensure that the system was up to standard, continuous vector testing was conducted for potential breaches or issues during and after installation.

E.Protect+ was more flexible than other potential choices, making it ideal for the extreme Vegas temperatures — a year-round occurrence that has the potential to affect the structural integrity of building systems.

EPRO E.Protect+ being installed at the Venetian.

Insights From the Waterproofing Consultant

Cid Caba, the waterproofing consultant from Independent Roofing Consultants on this project said, “About three acres of structural deck was exposed before the waterproofing system was installed. Pool decks are incredibly challenging, and here, we had to work to a very, very tight schedule as the construction pace was phenomenal.”

He also told us that: “Las Vegas has high wind conditions that are compounded by the high-rise construction adjacent to the pool deck causing vortex wind conditions around and adjacent to the pool deck. E.Protect+ allowed us to work around demolition conditions where excessive dust and debris was encountered during ongoing demolition while the waterproofing was being installed.”

“We had to choose EPRO: It sets up extremely quickly, installation time is fast, and everything worked out really well,” says Caba.

“Some of the biggest pool deck areas in the world are in Vegas, and this was no exception. Another benefit to the EPRO system was that it has the right elasticity to compensate for thermal movement — a must in this location where it gets extremely hot during the day and can cool off significantly at night.”

EPRO’s Solution

E.Protect+ is designed for commercial building waterproofing projects where performance is paramount. It combines the benefits of a thermoplastic membrane protection course with two layers of reinforced monolithic fluid-applied membrane.

Utilizing a revolutionary redundant field-installed composite design philosophy, this kind of product solution is ideal for all types of podium deck applications.

E.Protect+ provides a fluid-applied deck assembly that is reinforced and can be applied in less than ideal weather conditions. It also is often used in conjunction with concrete topping slabs, pedestal and paver systems, green roofs and planters.

EPRO E.Protect+ Diagram

In total, 112,000 square feet of E.Protect+ was used to waterproof the entire luxury deck. The team was especially appreciative of installation speed and continuous EPRO on-site assistance.

The Venetian pool deck was completed successfully in June 2019. With the collaboration of the architect JZA+D, the general contractor Team Construction, the installation by Southwest Specialty Contracting, waterproofing consulting by Independent Roofing Consultants, and EPRO, this project was one for the ages.

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