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Pre Tak
PreTak is a pre-applied vertical and horizontal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet waterproofing membrane combined with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing that mechanically bonds to cast in place concrete and shotcrete in both blindside shoring and underslab applications. PreTak (46 mil/1.2mm) is a fully adhered waterproofing sheet membrane consisting of a long fiber HDPE film coated with a PSA gel and protected by a plastic release liner. PreTak is available with two selvedge edge options, a pre-treated adhesive edge or without the adhesive selvedge for creating a heat welded seam. Installation is efficient and reliable with a manufacturer-marked adhesive selvedge allowing for a watertight bond at seam overlaps. PreTak delivers superior performance in harsh conditions and can withstand all types of weather before the application of concrete.PreTak is City of Los Angeles approved as a waterproofing and methane barrier (LARR #26164) and for shotcrete


Surpasses other fully adhered HDPE membrane systems by achieving the ideal blend between value and performance.

Suitable for a variety of critical building envelope applications, challenging site conditions and contaminated soils.

Prevents lateral water migration by forming a continuous adhesive bond to poured-in-place concrete and shotcrete.

Double width rolls reduce seams and labor.

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