Site Conditions / Hydrostatic / E.Protect Pre-Applied
E Protect PR V

E.Protect is designed to provide a redundant and high level of below-grade hydrostatic waterproofing protection, but where site conditions or budget considerations might not require E.Protect+. E.Protect also provides unparalleled protection against chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), methane gas and petroleum hydrocarbons. E.Protect is the first pre-applied system ever developed for underslab and blindside applications to combine in one system what others might utilize as three completely independent systems. Compatible with all types of building foundations and structural shotcrete, the main difference between E.Protect and E.Protect+ is the absence of a head-welded base sheet.


Redundant, with three layers of different waterproofing protection to create a composite system that is superior to the materials used on their own.

Provides the highest level of chemical resistance to a wide range of contaminants found in soil and groundwater.

It's seamless.

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