TurboSeal / Post-Applied Horizontal
Hydro Gel PO H 2x
Turbo-Seal is a trowel- or squeegee-applied, single component, <1% VOC, highly elastomeric, cold-applied polymer rubber gel with exceptional adhesive properties that contain more than 20% recycled material. Turbo-Seal is used for both pre-and post-applied waterproofing and is ideal for restoration projects because of its unique properties. Turbo Seal Composite Waterproofing System: combines a trowel- or squeegee-applied polymer rubber gel membrane with a durable HDPE protection sheet. This system protects the polymer rubber gel and provides an immediately trafficable surface for follow-on trades. The protection sheets range from fleece-backed and non-fleece HDPE sheets (GFG20X & GFG16), drainage composites, bentonite carpets, and protection boards. The flexibility of the polymer rubber gel combined with the durability of the various protection sheets creates a high-performance, substrate-responsive waterproofing system.


Excellent substrate conforming ability allows versatility of application for both new and restoration waterproofing applications.

Single component, cold-applied trowel or squeegee application with instantaneous adhesion ensures timely project completion with minimal substrate preparation.

Unique polymer rubber gel physical characteristics including self-healing, self-sealing, superior flexibility and adhesive properties.

Applies to green concrete; no surface primer necessary.

Composite polymer rubber gel assembly dynamically responds to substrate movement and provides double protection with HDPE protection sheet and polymer rubber gel membrane.

>20% post-consumer recycled content contributes to project LEED qualification.

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