HydroGel / Post-Applied Horizontal
Hydro Gel PO H 2x

HydroGel is a horizontally- and vertically-applied single component, 99% solid, highly elastomeric, hot spray-applied polymer rubber gel with exceptional adhesive properties. HydroGel is used for both pre-and post-applied waterproofing and is ideal for restoration projects because of its unique properties. The flexibility of the polymer rubber gel, combined with the durability of the various protection sheets, creates a high-performance, substrate-responsive waterproofing system. This component makes it ideal for construction where seismic events, foundation settlement, structural vibration/movement, and thermal cycling conditions are a concern. HydroGel Composite Waterproofing System: combines a spray-applied polymer rubber gel membrane with a durable HDPE protection sheet. This system protects the polymer rubber gel and provides an immediately trafficable surface for follow-on trades. The protection sheets range from fleece-backed and non-fleece HDPE sheets (GFG20X & GFG16), drainage composites, bentonite carpets, and protection boards.


Single component spray-applied application with instantaneous adhesion ensures timely project completion with minimal substrate preparation.

Unique polymer rubber gel physical characteristics including self-healing, self-sealing, superior flexibility and adhesive properties.

Composite polymer rubber gel assembly dynamically responds to substrate movement and provides double protection with HDPE protection sheet and polymer rubber gel membrane.

Applies to green concrete; no surface primer necessary.

Excellent substrate conforming ability allows versatility of application for both new and restoration waterproofing applications.

For waterproofing restoration projects, Hydrogel can ba applied over coaltar pitch.

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