E.Proformance / Post Applied Horizontal
E Proformance PO H 2x

Ideal for above-grade post-applied lightweight deck applications with concrete topping slabs and smaller deck applications, plywood substrates, and sloped decks. E.Proformance is ideal for those who prefer cold-fluid applied systems over hot-applied systems due to safety reasons or weather limitations.

System components are as follows:

* 60 mil of e.spray reinforced with e.poly

* e.shield 110, 10 mil polyolefin

* Drainage course per project requirements


The most cost effective waterproofing composite systems EPRO has to offer.

Provides the highest level of chemical resistance to a wide range of contaminants found in soil and groundwater.

It's seamless.

Complete mechanical bond to any concrete overlay.

Installs quickly over large areas, saving time and money for building owners.

Can be combined with other EPRO composite systems, E.Protect+ and E.Protect, to create cost savings.

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