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SkrimTape is a detailing tape that is used with the XT1 urethane and HydroGel polymer rubber gel waterproofing systems. The aggressive adhesive and geotextile backing form a continuous and integral seal to the waterproofing membranes. SkrimTape can be used to reinforce horizontal-to-vertical transitions, corners, construction joints, expansion joints, cracks, drains and penetration detailing. SkrimTape is 30 mil (0.8 mm) chemically resistant 6-inch wide (150 mm) single-sided tape reinforced with a white geotextile backing. SkrimTape benefits include:


Flexible, making it easy to apply for detailing.

Maintains adhesion and flexibility in extreme cold.

Strong adhesive properties prevent delamination in high temperatures.

Can be applied between -20 - 140℉ (-29 - 60℃).

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