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NovaSeal 5000 butyl detail sealant is designed to seal transitions, terminations, penetrations and other flashing details for the NovaTak pre-applied waterproofing system. NovaSeal 5000 is formulated to retain low temperature handling properties, resist slumping in high temperatures, and adhere tenaciously to the NovaTak butyl membrane. It will also adhere to most clean and dry surfaces such as concrete, steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, plastic materials and wood. NovaSeal 5000 is a single-component, gunnable virgin butyl rubber caulking compound specially formulated for superior durability. NovaSeal 5000 benefits include:


Retains flexibility in high and low temperatures.

Non-reactive; will not oxidize or corrode metals.

Excellent resistance to water, alcohols, mild acids and bases.

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