The waterproofing industry is forecast to significantly grow over the next five years due to emerging and expanding markets. Supply chain issues, however, have plagued the construction industry, and other sectors, resulting in new and serious challenges.

Developers, consultants and architects are feeling the effects of these disruptions.

Companies like EPRO have been able to still provide top-quality waterproofing solutions despite current challenges. Partnering with us can help you to deliver value for your clients, and gain the insight and confidence needed for your professional reputation.

Let's take a closer look at the industry and how EPRO can be a source of support, guidance, and a solution for waterproofing needs.


What Are the Challenges in the Waterproofing Industry in 2021?

The ongoing supply chain issues have created a “domino effect,'' which means no trades are immune. In the commercial waterproofing industry, and in other areas of construction, these are some of the specific challenges coming to light:

Late Deliveries of Materials

Delays in delivery times can be one of the most frustrating and disruptive results of waterproofing industry supply chain issues - and sometimes this can be down to a single type of material arriving late.

Labor Shortages

Labor shortages often lead to extended project timelines. If less-qualified workers are hired in response to labor shortages, then projects may not be completed as quickly or to the expected level of quality.

Material Shortages

Supply chain issues affect the general availability of specific materials and delivery timelines. The ideal materials are often unavailable from suppliers, as importing them from overseas may no longer be possible. To keep to project timelines, companies may begin substitute materials with others that are less than ideal.

Alternatively, timelines can be extended to hold off on work until the correct materials are available. Choosing between insufficient materials and delayed projects is unpleasant, and it can negatively affect customers and clients who may become unsatisfied and blame developers, builders or architects.

How Can EPRO Help Overcome These Challenges?

Here at EPRO, we have thirty years of experience providing cutting-edge waterproofing solutions for commercial and residential purposes.

Working with us enables you to overcome these challenges. We can support you and offer:

A Wide Range of Materials Available

Although supply chains have been disrupted, our range of multi-layer, composite waterproofing materials are available and remain extensive. Due to our carefully-chosen suppliers, we are fortunate to have experienced minimal supply chain disruptions.

Experienced and Qualified Personnel

Our team are knowledgeable and experienced in waterproofing. We provide support at every stage of the process — from planning, to our presence on job sites, and we also provide support after a project is completed. We even offer CAD support to help at just about every stage of the project.


EPRO Warranty

To guarantee your experience with us is maximized, our extensive warranties come with various options available.

Our Labor and Material (L&M) warranties make sure that both performance of the materials and the work of the waterproofing installer are covered. Our material warranties provide free replacement of any defective materials.

For more information on our warranties, click here.

Deliver a Successful Project With EPRO

We are proud of our successful and extensive history of providing outstanding waterproofing solutions for a wide range of applications to our clients.

Our trademark asphaltic emulsion — which is spray-applied, water-based and polymer-modified — has been the cornerstone of countless successful waterproofing and contaminant protection solutions. We call this method Redundant-Field Installed Composite Design, and alongside our dedication to excellent customer service, it has made us one of the most well known and sought after waterproofing providers.

Our waterproof membranes can be applied to foundation slabs, shoring walls, freestanding concrete walls, podium decks and other surfaces. From providing basic foundations to tackling contaminated groundwater and soil, our products excel at a variety of applications.

The EPRO Process

  1. Contact Us via our website.

  2. Our team will evaluate the site and goals of your project, and present you with product options to suit a range of budgets.

  3. We will identify potential problems and challenges of your specific project, and then provide creative solutions.

  4. Our authorized EPRO installers will install your chosen EPRO products. The installation can be continuously monitored and verified by EPRO certified inspectors.

  5. One year after the completion of the project, we can help evaluate the installation. In the event of any discovering any problems, we help fix them for you.

Partnering with us means benefitting from our products, expertise and dedicated support. If you are interested in learning more, check out our product offerings and get in touch.