The EPRO Way - The Right Way

No single material should ever be relied upon to effectively waterproof a building or protect it from ground contamination.

This is because a single material only provides a single line of defense. And should this material be compromised - a minor flaw in fabrication, a misstep in installation, or through nature’s wild unpredictability - your structure will suffer the consequences.

This is why all EPRO waterproofing and contaminant barrier systems are engineered with redundant layers of protection, ensuring that your building remains dry and safe even if one layer should become compromised along the way.

EPRO Redundant Field-Installed Composite Design

EPRO’s proven methodology, pioneered 25 years ago, is called Redundant Field-Installed Composite Design. Today, EPRO systems protect thousands of buildings of every size and type across North America and abroad.

With warranted waterproofing and contaminant barrier systems for below grade applications, including underslab, shoring walls, walls, and above grade deck applications, EPRO is your single-source provider for your entire building.

Also, EPRO offers a “good”, “better”, and “best” system for each application, allowing you to perfectly match an EPRO system to your project based upon site conditions, construction materials and methodologies being employed, and level of protection a building owner desires.