The EPRO Way - The Right Way

Your waterproofing and contaminant vapor solution for any site and any location.

EPRO is the industry leader for waterproofing and contaminant vapor systems. With 30 years of experience and over 100 million square feet installed, our products can be used on any construction site and at any type of location.

We understand the frustrations and problems that can arise within a project - on and off the construction site. You have expectations and deadlines you always need to meet while each project has its own unique parameters including site conditions, budget requirements, and level of protection desired.

We’re here to help.

Our Process

  1.  Contact Us: Through our website or a sales rep.
  2. Evaluate & Design: After identifying the site condition and project goals, EPRO assists you in selecting a system to meet your project needs.
  3. Plan: Prior to construction, collaborative team planning identifies potential problem areas/challenges and EPRO provides creative solutions.
  4. Install: Our products are installed on your project site with EPRO providing guidance and support to your team as unexpected issues arise.
  5. Follow-Up: EPRO stands with you, even after your project is complete. All installations are monitored after completion. If problems arise, we’ll work to solve it with you.

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Residential Waterproofing
Concrete Repairs/Sealers

Industry Innovation

Redundant Field-Installed Composite Design is EPRO’s proven methodology, pioneered 25 years ago. Today, EPRO systems defend thousands of buildings of every size and type across North America and abroad.

Why Redundant? A single material only provides a single line of defense. If this single material is compromised — a minor flaw in fabrication, a misstep in installation or just through nature’s wild unpredictability — your structure will suffer the consequences.

This is why all EPRO waterproofing and contaminant vapor barrier systems are engineered with repeated layers of protection, guaranteeing that your building remains dry and safe, even if one layer is compromised along the way.