In 2023, EPRO celebrated 30 years of business and our commitment to world-class service, our team of knowledgeable and talented industry professionals, and our robust and extensive product line that we are proud to bring to the construction industry.

We have also attended some stellar events: The AVIP conference, all of our August brownfields conferences, golf with B.C. building products, and trade shows with IIBEC.

Our work has been exciting, wide-ranging, and spread well across the U.S. and Canada:

  • In Century City, CA, .255,000 square feet of EPRO’s E.Protect+ system was applied at the foundation walls and underslab of a new office tower. Located at 1950 Avenue of the Stars, the structure will stand at 37 stories, be home to 730,000 square feet of office space, and is situated in proximity to the Century City metro station, which is currently under construction.
  • Also in California, EPRO was involved in the Scripps Hospital ACB Project. The hospital is kicking off a 10-year renovation and rebuilding plan spanning 30,000 square feet. Phase I of this project is currently underway, and EPRO’s E.Protect+ will be installed for waterproofing below grade.
  • Finally for the Golden State, EPRO’s PreTak is being installed at a 90,000 square foot data center. This system will protect the high-tech data storage facility against future water ingress – it is situated close to the water table – and from any potential vapor intrusion issues.

  • Up in Canada, in a unique "build for land" initiative, two projects are under development as a single effort to both increase general housing supply while updating and replacing much needed social housing by The Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC). Situated on a brownfield site with a shallow water table, the Queen-Ashbridge project provides private housing on land under an agreement with TCHC in exchange for construction of replacement housing for TCHC on the same parcel. Here, PreTak was selected to address the waterproofing and soil gas issues on the main building, while E.Shield 115 was selected for the low-risk areas bordering Queen St. Finally, Geo-seal 100 was installed in the higher risk areas for vapor intrusion concerns.

  • The Mayo Clinic’s Andersen building in Rochester, MN was a technically challenging project for a high-profile owner. EPRO PreTak is protecting the Mayo’s investment in a new 45,000 SF proton cyclotron cancer treatment center, the only facility in Minnesota offering this cutting-edge therapy. PreTak was selected for underslab application two stories below grade to protect against groundwater infiltration. The application proved technically challenging with over 400 separate rock bolt anchors throughout the slab.

  • In the Pacific Northwest, we have been working on a large project in Woodville, WA, for Trammel Crow Residential. A total of 160,000 square feet of EPRO’s systems have been applied: PreTak as underslab waterproofing to protect the building against hydrostatic conditions and E.Protect on the shoring walls.

  • Over in BC, EPRO was called again to work on the Metropolitan Residence Club. Out of three towers, the latest and the fourth tower was protected with 10,000 square feet of PreTak – and as an added bonus, EPRO was able to deliver one warranty for two different systems.

  • We featured Prisma Health Center for Health and Life and Sciences in a case study (which you can read here), but we had another big project “down South” this year: The Atlanta Medical Center. This project was already built, but due to some complications with an existing vapor intrusion mitigation system, a new barrier was needed. Ultimately, the ideal solution was to install 27,000 square feet of Geo-Seal 100 was installed with active depressurization for the underslab system.

2023 was a great year for EPRO, and we are excited to see what 2024 brings our way!