The Prisma Health Center for Health and Life and Sciences is the latest building to be constructed on the Greenville Technical College campus in Greenville, South Carolina. The three-story structure spans 125,000 square feet and includes suites for medical imaging, ultrasound, and radiological technology, plus an anatomage lab with virtual dissection tables. The building also has state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, a café space, and faculty offices.

Over the next few years, renovations of other existing structures will take place, and the construction of the Prisma Health Center is kick-starting the upgrades. This new structure was built on a former landfill for the local municipality. Soil testing determined that the site would need a vapor barrier, and EPRO was brought in to help identify the best vapor intrusion mitigation system for the site needs.

“Environmental investigations for the site identified the need for a passive vapor intrusion mitigation system,” explains Danny Christopher, S&H Waterproofing, a certified EPRO Installer. “After consulting with EPRO, the project team determined Geo-Seal 60 was the most suitable vapor intrusion barrier.”

40,000 square feet of Geo-Seal 60 was applied under slab to protect the site. Geo-Seal 60 is designed to provide a cost-effective alternative for sites desiring a pre-emptive mitigation solution, but also wish to have a vapor intrusion barrier that is more robust and resistant to construction traffic than simple single sheet membranes. While simple single sheet membranes may provide robust chemical resistance, they often lack robust seals around penetrations and termination points. They are also more prone to punctures during the construction process. Geo-Seal 60 makes the decision easy for those debating whether to employ a simple single sheet membrane or utilize a thicker, more robust barrier to protect human health at similar price points.

“Geo-Seal 60 was fast and easy to install, which helped keep things on schedule through multiple project stages,” says Christopher.

As with most EPRO projects, collaboration between all trades is key to adapting to a potentially changing environment, unexpected weather conditions, or shifting project schedules. S&H and the EPRO team were able to stay in close communications every step of the way, which speaks to the exemplary customer service provided by the highly-trained and conscientious EPRO team.

“We love working with EPRO, Christopher adds. “They consistently respond very quickly to our needs and they are extremely reliable.”

The Prisma Health Center is slated to be complete in fall 2024.