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Geo Seal 100 layers

Geo-Seal® 100 is an industry leading and patented sub-slab vapor intrusion barrier system that eliminates vapor intrusion for brownfields or any environmentally-impaired site. With more than 50 million square feet installed, the Geo-Seal® 100 system has been in use for more than 20 years. Installed between the foundation slab of the building and permeable subgrade, Geo-Seal® 100 eliminates vapor intrusion pathways and stops contaminant vapors from migrating through the slab and into a building and the most chemically resistant barrier on the market according to independent 3rd party testing. Geo-Seal® 100 consists of three layers:

  • Geo-Seal® BASE
  • Geo-Seal® CORE (60 mil)
  • Geo-Seal® BOND


Geo-Seal® 100 is the most chemically resistant vapor intrusion barrier on the market according to 3rd party indpendant testing.

Chemical resistance due to multiple highly chemical-resistant HDPE sheets and a polymer-modified asphaltic membrane

Seamless, monolithic design due to spray-applied core layer to ensure complete sealing of building foundation without mechanical fastening.

Strong mechanical bond that directly adheres the system directly to the foundation slab.

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