Leak Repair, Coatings and Sealant Systems

Repairing, strengthening and sealing concrete lengthens the service life of important physical assets in commercial, civil and industrial markets. EPRO’s technology-driven products, combined with our depth of expertise and experience, provide the right solution for any challenge.

ViperFlex effectively eliminates water leakage into structures; XT1 provides superior durability and chemical resistance for most any coating application; and Eprosil protects common building materials from premature degradation. Learn more about how EPRO can help you.


XT1 is a hand-troweled or squeegeed, two-component, chemically resistant, UV and environmentally stable monolithic coating that is especially well suited for applications requiring physical resiliency and chemical resistance.

Exceptionally chemically resistant, XT1 is suitable for chemical containment pits and secondary containment systems. XT1 is also approved for potable water, which makes it suitable for use in reservoirs and water storage tanks.

XT1 is a cross-linked, chemically cured system rather than a moisture cured system which allows for even curing throughout the thickness of the applied coating, regardless of humidity or ambient air temperature. XT1 is fast-curing and may often be placed in service within two hours, depending on job requirements and environmental conditions.

XT1 forms a durable elastomeric liner that’s able to bridge cracks and joints while withstanding continuous movement. It is impervious to water and most liquid chemicals, so it can provide a long-lasting solution for tank and pond liners. It adheres to and bridges common construction materials such as concrete, steel and other metals, asphalt, pavement, glass, wood and most coatings, for versatility in range of applications.

XT1 complies with the most stringent VOC regulations and is environmentally and California VOC compliant. Ideal for severe weather applications, it can be repaired if damaged and is resistant to damage from prolonged UV rays.

System Components:

  • XT1
  • XT1 EMT Primer
  • XT1 Bonding Agent
  • XT1 Scrim
  • ScrimTape
  • BentoTak
  • e.stop GU
  • e.drain 6000
  • Injec Injection Tube Waterstop


ViperFlex is a liquid, chemically cured acrylamide gel used for sealing leaks in below-grade structures and for soil modification. ViperFlex is comprised of three components: ViperFlex, a liquid acrylamide emulsion; ViperTea, a triethanolamine accelerator, and ViperCat, a liquid acrylic emulsion catalyst. When combined, these components polymerize into a non-toxic, impermeable, highly durable, flexible gel.

ViperFlex polymerization can be controlled from 5 seconds to more than 2 hours, ensuring ViperFlex polymerizes in a controlled manner to be able to go from active leak-sealing to deep soil penetration. Its superior durability is enhanced, as the acrylamide gels are the strongest polymerized gels available exhibiting superior durability over freeze/thaw cycles, hydration cycles and vibration/movement. Once polymerized, the gel will not separate and degrade ensuring the long term effectiveness of the application. In cured form, ViperFlex is stable, non-toxic and irreversible.

ViperFlex’s low viscosity allows it to flow like water, penetrating very fine structural cracks (0.1mm) which seals them to effectively block water infiltration, and effectively permeate and modify soils to fit multiple project conditions. ViperFlex is utilized to seal off water infiltration into structures such as subway stations, tunnels, mines, dam walls, parking garages, manholes, elevator pits and various other below-grade structures. This is accomplished through the establishment of a gel membrane on the positive side of a structure and through the permeation of cracks and voids within concrete.

ViperFlex retains its physical properties in the harshest environments ensuring long-term effectiveness, making it exceptionally resistant to chemicals. The controlled cure times allow for versatility in application including immediate crack sealing for high-flow rate leaks, waterproofing membrane restoration to deep soil permeation for soil modification purposes. ViperFlex can also be used for soil modification to solidify soils for erosion control or other various soil modification purposes.

System Components:

  • ViperFlex
  • ViperFlex Pneumatic Injection Gun


EPROSIL is designed to be a clear, long-lasting penetrating waterproofing sealer for use on a variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, stucco, brick, block, tile and canvas. In a concentrate, it acts as an anti-graffiti barrier by filling voids in porous surfaces and minimizing the graffiti penetration, thus allowing for the graffiti removal with an approved cleaner and low-pressure water spray. EPROSIL increases the resistance to mildew, mold, and both chemical and salt attack to the surface material.

EPROSIL is a solvent-based inorganic sealer containing liquefied polydimethylsiloxane (silicone rubber) and other additives, which exhibits excellent water repellency and breathability.

It is an extremely clear penetrating film that does not discolor with UV. Its exceptional flexibility after curing allows for structural movement, while its extensive breathability allows air to escape from the substrate. Excellent water-repelling characteristics offer long-term protection and extended resistance to chemicals.

EPROSIL should be applied to clean, dry surfaces, and with any adjacent surfaces protected from contact with the substrate. It should not be applied during or before inclement weather, especially when applying below freezing, as ice crystals could form in the substrate. Do not apply where a vapor barrier is required.

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