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XT1 is a hand-troweled or squeegeed, two-component, chemically resistant, UV, and environmentally stable monolithic coating that is especially well suited for applications requiring physical resiliency and chemical resistance. XT1 is a cross-linked, chemically cured system rather than a moisture cured system which allows for even curing throughout the thickness of the applied coating, regardless of humidity or ambient air temperature. XT1 is fast-curing and may often be placed in service within two hours, depending on job requirements and environmental conditions. XT1 forms a durable elastomeric liner that’s able to bridge cracks and joints while withstanding continuous movement. It is impervious to water and most liquid chemicals, so that it can provide a long-lasting solution for tank and pond liners. It adheres to and bridges common construction materials such as concrete, steel, and other metals, asphalt, pavement, glass, wood, and most coatings, for versatility in various applications. XT1 complies with the most stringent VOC regulations and is environmentally and California VOC compliant. Ideal for severe weather applications, it can be repaired if damaged and is resistant to damage from prolonged UV rays.


Ideal for tanks and pond liners

Approved for potable water

Fast curing, tanks can be put back into use in as litte as two hours after application

VOC compliant