Hot fluid-applied waterproofing is rubberized asphalt that is applied hot and cools in place to form a monolithic membrane free of seams. Considered a tried and true standard in the waterproofing industry, hot fluid-applied waterproofing systems provide proven and long-term protection.

With hot fluid-applied waterproofing, the material must be heated before application, so be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct temperature before application.

Once applied, the fluid-applied waterproofing bonds with the substrate. The heated liquid flows and naturally fills any imperfections to provide a perfect seal. By using a sprayer or roller to apply the material, the job is done faster, saving you time and, by extension, labor costs.

EPRO’s HotDeck hot fluid-applied waterproofing system is a multi-layer system that provides superior protection. Learn more about this monolithic, seamless membrane below.


HotDeck is a waterproofing protection system that features a 215-mil reinforced layer of HD.membrane, a hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt with reinforcement. The system cures to form a seamless, fully bonded, thick, tough, yet highly flexible waterproofing membrane. Ideal for split-slab deck applications, as well as pedestal paver decks and vegetative decks, the HotDeck system is comprised of:

  • 1st Layer: EPRO HD.membrane 90 mil
  • 2nd Layer: EPRO HD.skrim reinforcement
  • 3rd Layer: EPRO HD.membrane 125 mil
  • 4th Layer: EPRO HD.cap1 or HD.cap2 — a premium polymer modified fiberglass protection sheet
  • EPRO e.drain 6000 — a lightweight three-dimensional, high-compressive strength polypropylene core and bonded non-woven geotextile fabric
Together, components of HotDeck protect the rubberized HD.membrane from physical damage through the construction process, UV and beyond, as well as provide redundant layers of long-term waterproofing protection.

HD.membrane is the key component to EPRO’s redundant field-installed HotDeck rubber asphaltic membrane waterproofing system for insulated and uninsulated split-slab, pedestal paver and vegetative deck applications. HD.membrane is a rubberized asphalt compound that is melted in a kettle then hot-applied in two layers to a nominal cured thickness of 215 mil. HD.membrane consists of a specially selected blend of refined asphalts, synthetic rubber and mineral stabilizers. Additives are incorporated to promote adhesion and improve low-temperature flexibility.

EPRO HD.skrim, a polyester reinforcing fabric, is embedded between the two layers of HD.membrane for added strength. HD.membrane rapidly cures to form a seamless, thick, tough, yet flexible waterproofing membrane and creates a powerful bond to concrete substrates. The monolithic HD.membrane is fully protected from physical damage with additional components comprising the EPRO HotDeck waterproofing system.

HotDeck benefits include:
  • Seamless application for monolithic waterproofing.
  • Proven protection of split-slab above-grade waterproofing.
  • Full adhesive to deck, restricting lateral water movement.
  • 100% solids provide immediate cure on cooling.
  • Compatible with a wide range of overlays, including pedestal and pavers, insulation and green roofs.

Thickness: 305 mils
1st Layer: HD.membrane 90 mils reinforced
2nd Layer: HD.skrim
3rd Layer: HD.membrane 125 mils
4th Layer: HD.cap1

HotDeck is a waterproofing protection system that features a 215 mil reinforced layer of HD.membrane, a hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt with reinforcement. The system cures to form a seamless, fully-bonded, thick, tough, yet highly-flexible waterproofing membrane.

HotDeck HD Membrane
HotDeck HD Primers
HotDeck HD Skrim
HotDeck HD.Cap1
HotDeck HD.Cap2
PDS HD.neoflash
SDS e.stop b
SDS e.stop hpl
SDS HD.cap1
SDS HD.cap2
SDS HD.membrane
SDS HD.neoflash
SDS HD.primer1
SDS HD.rootbarrier
SDS HD.skrim
HotDeck System Sheet
20.400.1 HotDeck Standard Assembly
20.400.2 HotDeck Insulated Standard Assembly
20.400.3 HotDeck Pedestal Paver Deck Standard
20.400.4 HotDeck Insulated Pedestal Paver Deck Standard
20.420.1 HotDeck Deck Pipe Penetration
20.421.1 HotDeck Deck Drain Assembly
20.430.1 HotDeck Termination at Deck
20.431.1 HotDeck Termination at Deck Planter
20.440.1 HotDeck Upturn Assembly
20.440.2 HotDeck Downturn Assembly
20.450.1 HotDeck Floor to Floor Expansion
20.451.1 HotDeck Deck Crack 1/16" or Less
20.452.1 HotDeck Deck Crack 1/4" or Less Greater Than 1/16" BentoPro+ Wall Assembly Transition to HotDeck Assembly
30.340.2.11 BentoPro+ Shoring Assembly Transition to HotDeck Deck Assembly