Bentonite Waterproofing

For Active Naturally Powerful Below-Grade Waterproofing

Because bentonite clay swells upon contact with water, it makes for a naturally powerful, self-sealing waterproofing material for below grade applications including, freestanding walls, under slabs, split slabs, tunnels, elevator pits, and blindside applications incorporating lagging, caissons, sheet pile, and shotcrete retention systems.

EPRO manufactures two high performance multi-layer bentonite sheet waterproofing systems – Bento-Pro Plus and Bento-Pro Ultra, addition to offering 50 lb. bags of bentonite granules.


Bento-Pro Plus and Bento-Pro Ultra each consist of a layer of granular bentonite laminated with impermeable high-density polyethylene film and non-woven polypropylene. This composite design produces a high-performance, tough, self-sealing, and vapor impermeable water barrier capable of withstanding inclement weather, hydrostatic conditions, and other factors encountered in today’s construction industry.

BentoPro Resource Library

Product Data Sheets

  • BentoPro Ultra
    PDS BentoPro Ultra
  • BentoPro+
    PDS BentoPro Plus
  • BentoPro
    PDS BentoPro Granules

Safety Data Sheets

  • BentoPro Ultra
    SDS BentoPro Ultra
  • BentoPro+
    SDS BentoPro Plus
  • BentoPro
    SDS BentoPro
  • BentoPro
    SDS BentoPro Granules

No single material should ever be relied upon to effectively waterproof a building or protect it from ground contamination. Rely on EPRO to ensure that your building remains dry and safe.

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