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PreTape D is a seaming, detailing and repairing tape that is used for sandwich seam applications. PreTak seams and detailing patches are adhered to both sides of the tape to form a continuous and integral seal to the structure eliminating lateral water migration. PreTape D is a double-sided, thick, adhesive tape formulated with an aggressive adhesive that bonds strongly to HDPE, PSA, metal, penetrations, protrusions, and detailing and repairing PreTak membranes and is protected with a release liner. PreTape D can be used to seal seam overlaps, end laps, penetrations, details, damage to the membrane, adhere to soldier pile flanges and more. PreTape D is 15-mil (0.4 mm) tape consisting of a single layer of aggressive adhesive protected with a release liner. PreTape D benefits include:


Dual-sided adhesive tape for high-strength sandwich seams and penetration detailing.

Forms a continuous, adhesive bond to prevent lateral water migration.

Chemical resistant, therefore effective in most types of soils including hydrocarbon-laden soils.

Strong HDPE adhesive prevents seam-popping due to environmental exposure.

Easy to apply, fully-adhered, watertight adhesive seams.

Provides a barrier to water, moisture, gas and vapor.

Flexible and easily applied for detailing and seaming.

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