Ecofelx ps
ECOFLEX-PS is designed to be a permeable membrane for cavity wall construction that may be applied on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, concrete block, and dense glass. It should be applied by roller or sprayer to form a monolithic, vapor-permeable air barrier. ECOFLEX-PS is a medium viscosity, water-based, copolymer latex emulsion. This product offers excellent elongation and recovery, and it exhibits durability, great bonding, and waterproofing characteristics. ECOFLEX-PS is non-hazardous, non-toxic, and nonflammable (VOC compliant), making it an excellent option for an air barrier. Its rapid setting qualities allow the job to be finished in one application, making it affordable and time-conscious. Because it is water-based, it can be applied to damp surfaces.
ECOFLEX-PS should be applied to clean, dry surfaces, with any adjacent surfaces protected from contact with the substrate. It should be stored above 40℉ and below 120℉. During warm weather, application in 20-mil layers is recommended. You cannot apply a solvent-based product over ECOFLEX-PS.


It's permeable and seamless.

Water base and may be applied to green or uncured concrete mortar and to damp surfaces.

Excellent elongation and recovery.

Exceptional bonding and won’t delaminate from surface.

Spray applied for quick installation.

Instant build which allows applications in inclement weather and eliminates shrinkage.

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