Eocflex s
ECOFLEX-S is designed to be an air and moisture vapor barrier membrane for a variety of above-grade surfaces including concrete, block, gypsum and metal for cavity walls. It is applied with a unique, self-contained sprayer to produce an instantaneous, monolithic membrane with excellent adhesion. ECOFLEX-S is a low-viscosity, water-based, anionic bituminous/asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic polymerized rubbers and special additives, which is highly reactive and exhibits exceptional bonding, elongation, vapor retarding and build characteristics. It performs as a non-permeable air barrier while being non-hazardous, non-toxic and fire-resistant (VOC compliant). Its noteworthy tensile strength, in addition to its weather-resistant qualities, makes it a superior air barrier. ECOFLEX-S has an instant build, allowing for applications in inclement weather and eliminates the risk of shrinkage, saving time and money. ECOFLEX-S should be applied to clean, dry surfaces, and with any adjacent surfaces protected from contact with the substrate. It should be stored above 40℉ and exposure to UV should be limited. You cannot apply a solvent-based product overtop.


Spray applied for quick installation.

Water base and may be applied to green or uncured concrete mortar and to damp surfaces.

Excellent elongation and recovery.

Exceptional bonding and won’t delaminate from surface.

It's seamless.

Instant build which allows applications in inclement weather and eliminates shrinkage.

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