WICHITA — EPRO, industry leader for composite waterproofing and contaminant vapor solutions, announces Geo-Seal® EFC, a chemically resistant epoxy coating that mitigates vapor intrusion for existing buildings without the need for additional concrete protection. With this product expansion, owners and developers can now turn to Geo-Seal® for solutions for any and all vapor intrusion site conditions. EFC is now available for use across the United States and Canada.

“Less than a year after bringing Geo-Seal® exclusively in-house, we’re extremely proud to expand our vapor solutions with EFC for pre-existing buildings,” says Scott Schendel, Head of Product Development, EPRO.

“We are constantly driven by our passion to leave a positive impact in building envelope protection. Geo-Seal® EFC is a valuable addition to our product line and will not only aid in protecting the integrity of the building but will also improve the living conditions and long-term health of its inhabitants.”

Geo-Seal® EFC is resistant to chlorinated solvents (PCE & TCE) and petroleum hydrocarbons commonly found in contaminated soils and can be combined with various functional topcoat materials to create an abrasion-resistant wearing surface or any desired aesthetic appearance. The Geo-Seal® EFC system includes the impermeable epoxy coating and a high-performance, water-based primer designed to bond with concrete.

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