Fast-Tracked Tunnel Project Maintained Tight Schedule Demands with Timely E.Protect System Installation

“E.Protect was selected because the client wanted a high-performance system – something more robust, given the application,”

says Robert Sadler, S&H Waterproofing & Construction

Best known for its legendary NASCAR sporting events, the Talladega Superspeedway embarked on a $50 million infill redevelopment project to offer fans, NASCAR teams, and other attendees new attractions and amenities to expand the overall experience.

An oversized tunnel at the site, large enough for race team haulers, fans’ recreational vehicles, and massive track tram vehicles to enter and exit the track simultaneously, was fast-tracked to allow for completion by April 27-28, 2019 when the GEICO 500, a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race, takes place. 24 hour-access to the tunnel will be permitted during the event.

EPRO’s redundant composite field-installed E.Protect Waterproofing system for walls and decks was specified and used to protect the tunnel. The system has the unprecedented ability to be installed in approximately half the time it takes to place traditional sheet-membrane systems, thereby surpassing the client’s needs.

“The scheduling and installation of EPRO systems were key to this project’s completion on time – if not ahead of schedule,” says Adam Richards, Technical Sales Manager, EPRO Services, Inc. “Here, time was of the essence because the NASCAR Cup Series Race takes place one month after the completion of installation.”

E.Protect provided monolithic, seamless waterproofing protection in lieu of the traditional sheet membrane, which has substantial seam exposure. Traditional sheet membrane can be vulnerable to leaks within the system, which could cause major problems at this site. The accelerated installation of the EPRO waterproofing systems was a cost-effective solution, keeping the installed pricing well inside the project budget.

“E.Protect was selected because the client wanted a high-performance system – something more robust, given the application,” says Robert Sadler, S&H Waterproofing & Construction, the firm responsible for the installation. ”They wanted to use a premium product for premium performance, and this product’s speed of installation was also huge asset.”

EPRO’s E.Protect for deck systems is ideal for applications that are sloped to area drains with a minimum slope of 1/8” per linear foot. E.Protect Deck provides a fluid-applied deck assembly that is reinforced and can be applied in less than ideal weather conditions. For wall applications, E.Protect works in tandem with other systems, and is ideal for below-grade building foundations requiring underslab waterproofing protection. The system is designed to handle a wide variety of positive side wall conditions, while providing enhanced protection against common backfill materials.

“Since Talladega only hosts one or two big events per year, and the EPRO E.Protect wall and E.Protect Deck and Wall systems were able to be installed much faster than a sheet membrane – a significant advantage to the entire team,” says Richards.

The entire Talladega Superspeedway Infield Transformation project is slated for final completion in October 2019. The project architect was the DLR Group, and the general contractor was the Taylor Corporation. Installation was completed by S&H Waterproofing and Construction.