EPRO’s product offerings can be applied to a variety of challenging groundwater or vapor intrusion scenarios. As it says in our tagline, we keep buildings dry and safe, and so our products are carefully selected to help mitigate any and all scenarios in any location.

What is PreTak?

The PreTak system is suitable for a variety of critical building envelope applications, challenging water table site conditions, and contaminated soils. It is comprised of the PreTak membrane, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet that once installed provides a tough and durable chemical resistant waterproofing, methane, and contaminated soils barrier membrane.

Combined with a high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), PreTak fully adheres to freshly placed concrete or shotcrete, eliminating the potential for lateral water migration, water, or gas ingress. The system surpasses other fully adhered HDPE membrane systems by achieving the ideal blend between value and performance.

PreTak HW is the HDPE sheet waterproofing membrane combined with heat welded seams.

Where has it been used?

PreTak has been successfully installed in project across the US and Canada.

At this site in California, PreTak HW was selected to protect against water ingress and environmentally impacted soil.

Here, also in California, PreTak was the ideal option to meet the project’s budget and keep the everything on schedule.

And at this Seattle development, PreTak was installed at all underslab locations directly over compacted fill and as blindside waterproofing due to its properties as a dual waterproofing and contaminant vapor intrusion system.

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What is the #PreTakChallenge?

PreTak’s HydroLap seams adhere in wet conditions and exhibit exceptional bond strength after application – and this is what makes it so exciting (everyone knows you can’t control the weather, after all.) And if you’ve visited our booth at many industry events, you might have noticed that we have challenged participants to pull apart the bonded seams – after applying the seam in water or wet conditions.

Check out this video of some brave souls who wanted to try and pull the seams apart:

Want to try the #PreTakChallenge yourself? Or do you want to see a sample of the product? We are happy to send you a sample kit, just say the word.