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EPRO offers peace of mind for even the most demanding building conditions.

Modern day construction requires more of building envelope products. Foundations are being built deeper, site conditions are more demanding, and construction methodologies can adversely impact how buildings are kept dry and safe. These factors not only increase the owner’s liability, but that of the entire project team. We know that in demanding site conditions, everything needs to go absolutely perfect. However, we also know through our nearly 30 years of experience that proper coordination is required to help anticipate, address, and ensure exceptional performance. The E.Assurance warranty program leverages our product and construction knowledge to ensure the project is a success and we stand behind this process with a No Dollar Limit Labor and Material warranty.

There are four main steps in the E.Assurance process

Plan Review

Our team will assist in reviewing site specific information, construction drawings, and construction sequencing to ensure the construction methodologies will not compromise our system, and help anticipate any challenges before they can adversely impact the project schedule. Guidance will then be provided in drawing and specification development, and AutoCad details can be provided to address site specific conditions.

Installation Cordination

The waterproofing installation is in the critical path of the building construction. The system can be compromised due to changes made in the field, damage inflicted from other trades, project delays, and other factors that may or may not be in control of the project team. The E.Assurance warranty program helps in monitoring these activities through structured coordination meetings.

Inspection Protocol

EPRO Certified Inspectors are crucial in making a waterproofing application successful. Hired by the owner, they assist in monitoring the installation process by following the E.Assurance inspection protocol and on-site reporting.

Warranty Service

The E.Assurance warranty does not limit our financial responsibility, nor does our financial responsibility reduce over the warranty period. This warranty is a non-prorated, no-dollar-limit, labor and material warranty. If water ingress occurs, contact us so we can assess the issue and make the necessary repairs.

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