Geo-Seal® is an innovative sub-slab vapor intrusion barrier system that eliminates vapor intrusion for brownfields or any environmentally-impaired site. With more than 50 million square feet installed, the patented Geo-Seal system has been in use for over a decade. It is now available direct via EPRO Services, Inc. to certified applicators. Installed between the foundation slab of the building and the soil pad, Geo-Seal eliminates vapor intrusion pathways and stops contaminant vapors from permeating through the slab and into a building. Fully tested and proven highly effective against VOC vapor such as chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons, as well as methane gas, Geo-Seal earns wide approval among various regulatory agencies. Geo-Seal provides peace of mind knowing that a healthy indoor environment will keep occupants safe while also significantly reducing remediation costs and speeding site construction. "I have very proud of what Geo-Seal has become, and I am humbled that I was the cornerstone to its success." – Peter Grant, VP of Sales and Marketing, EPRO Services, Inc.


• Redundant: Three layers of complementary containment vapor barrier materials create a redundant composite system superior to single-component alternatives.

• Chemical Resistant Materials: Made from highly chemical resistant HDPE and polymer modified asphaltic membrane.

• Seamless: Spray-applied Core layer ensures complete sealing of the system without the use of mechanical fastening.

• Bonded: Mechanically bonds directly to the foundation slab. • Proven: Industry standard and proven technology, with 10+ years and over 50 million square feet installed

• Single-Source Warranty: Combine with EPRO below-grade and deck waterproofing and contaminant vapor intrusion.

LIMITATIONS • Do not apply below 20°F or to damp, frosty or contaminated surfaces. • Not designed to function as waterproofing. Contact EPRO for waterproofing system recommendations