Wichita, KS - December 14, 2023. EPRO Services Inc., the industry leader for extensive waterproofing and vapor mitigation systems for projects across the US and Canada is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023. This milestone highlights the company’s expertise and its commitment to world-class service via its team of knowledgeable and talented industry professionals.

“Since its founding in 1993, EPRO has expanded into more markets across North America and has built a robust and extensive product line to keep buildings dry and safe,” says David Polk, EPRO CEO and Founder. “These past 30 years have provided a solid foundation for our philosophy, our products, and our people, and we are excited to grow further.”

EPRO’s promises to provide the best possible waterproofing and vapor intrusion solutions in any site conditions at any location. The company consistently and reliably offers support from project start to finish, meaning that deep industry relationships have been built and maintained over the past 30 years.

“We have learned a great deal about the waterproofing and vapor intrusion mitigation industries, adapted to meet modern construction demands, and supported countless customers,” says President, Kevin Polk. “We are extremely grateful for the connections we have made, and we thank each and every person who has worked with us so far.”

EPRO was established in 1993 by David Polk and his partners. With backgrounds in various foundation products and the advent of a water-based, spray-applied polymer-modified asphaltic emulsion, EPRO’s core team recognized an opportunity to provide owners, architects, consultants, and contractors with superior waterproofing and contaminant protection solutions. Driven by a passion for making a positive impact on the building envelope, EPRO grew quickly as the company refined its systems and developed a portfolio of successful projects.

EPRO launched its signature line of composite systems, E.Series, in 1999. The range of products comprises three waterproofing systems for pre and post-applied applications. In 2020, EPRO expanded its product and service offerings and its marketplace footprint with the acquisition of Kingfield Construction Products. Later, in 2021, EPRO was proud to directly offer the entire line of Geo-Seal® vapor intrusion barrier systems.

Throughout its existence, EPRO has remained wholly dedicated to the customer, not only through its service, but through its ability to train, educate, and collaborate with all trades. Combined with the strength of its team and its deep industry knowledge, EPRO is poised for success and growth through the next 30 years and beyond.