WICHITA, KS… EPRO Services, Inc. (EPRO), an innovator of composite waterproofing, methane mitigation, and vapor intrusion systems, is expanding both its product and service offerings and its marketplace footprint with the acquisition of Kingfield Construction Products.

Based in Minneapolis and founded in 2013, Kingfield delivers waterproofing solutions for high-end residential, infrastructure, and large-scale civil and commercial construction.

The acquisition of the business assets of Kingfield Construction Products took effect on
March 1.

“Protecting the building envelope continues to be a top priority for specifiers, which means their demands for innovation are evolving. Our acquisition of Kingfield increases our ability to meet and exceed those expectations with unique technologies that stand alone or augment our EPRO E.Series line of redundant, field-installed composite systems,” said David Polk, CEO of EPRO Services. “We’re also excited about the intellectual capital coming from Kingfield. They’re smart, experienced professionals who will enable us to provide a new standard of excellence during the design and installation phase for customers.”

Polk went on to underscore the value of several of Kingfield’s solutions, including Novatak, a highly durable non-vulcanized reclaimed butyl rubber membrane that creates an ionic chemical bond to concrete. Novatak is specially developed to be easily installed on even the most complex foundations while still remaining fully bonded to the concrete substrate and resistant to lateral water migration.

“At Kingfield, we take pride in what we’ve developed and introduced to the marketplace over the past seven years, because we know it has brought value to a variety of industries and to a wide array of customers,” said Scott Schendel, president of Kingfield. ”EPRO’s acquisition of Kingfield opens the next chapter for the soon-to-be combined company, putting our technologies at play on a much larger stage. I’m proud of our team and where we’re headed.”

EPRO will incorporate Kingfield personnel and products into EPRO during the coming months with full integration expected to be complete by the end of 2020.