Getting dinner on the table is frequently more of a chore than it should be, especially after a long day of work. Enter the quick service restaurant (QSR) concept, designed for meals on the go, almost any time of day or night. The signs are ubiquitous, comforting, and nationwide; even the lost business traveler will know where to eat and what to expect. Choice presented by these establishments is seemingly limitless, and every day it seems a new concept is developed and birthed into today’s society, operating, seemingly in hyper speed.

To increase visibility and ease of customer entry and exit, such restaurants are frequently built on former corner gas station sites, or within close proximity to former dry cleaners in a strip mall. Residual contamination may or may not be above local screening levels that require vapor intrusion mitigation, but national chains are often risk adverse or manage their environmental risk to more conservative standards due to their exposure to various states regulatory standards. This most often means including a vapor intrusion barrier and passive venting system. And this system must be tested, proven, and reliable, otherwise an entire chain’s reputation and national consumer base are at risk.

One such solution, most recently employed at a new construction project in Kansas featuring a healthy, popular, national quick-service chain turned to EPRO Services, Inc. and Geo-Seal®, to provide the nations must utilized and trusted vapor intrusion barrier system. QSR’s often utilize between 2,500 to 8,000 square feet of Geo-Seal with Vapor-Vent sub-membrane passive ventilation system when taking a proactive approach to mitigate vapor intrusion mitigation.

Geo-Seal is unique in that it has a triple-layer, composite design and is installed by EPRO applicators have extensive experience installing Geo-Seal on various quick-service restaurant sites. Additionally, EPRO works with project teams to provide custom details, provide project specific support and inspector training – something only this company can provide to the highest of standards.

To delve more deeply, Geo-Seal is an innovative sub-slab vapor intrusion barrier system that eliminates vapor intrusion for brownfields or any environmentally-impaired site. With more than 50 million square feet installed, the patented Geo-Seal system has been in use for over a decade.

Installed between the foundation slab of the building and the soil pad, Geo-Seal eliminates vapor intrusion pathways and stops contaminant vapors from permeating through the slab and into a building.

Fully tested and proven highly effective against VOC vapor such as chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons, as well as methane gas, Geo-Seal earns wide approval among various regulatory agencies. Geo-Seal provides peace of mind knowing that a healthy indoor environment will keep occupants safe while also significantly reducing remediation costs and speeding site construction, making it ideal for the quick service restaurant segment, and any other scenario where vapor intrusion mitigation is of the utmost importance.