4750 Santa Monica Boulevard is set to be a new multifamily and commercial building located conveniently opposite to the Vermont/Santa Monica Station in East Hollywood. The completed structure will stand at eight stories with 85 apartment units above almost 1,500 square feet of retail space and underground parking.

At one corner of the site, the building’s foundation was situated within the water table. A full wrap of the underslab and walls was required to ensure that water ingress did not occur. Ultimately, the best product for the site was PreTak due to its versatility and ease of install, and 33,500 square feet of the system was applied.

“We really like working with EPRO, and the product was extremely quick and easy to install,” says Jason Hartless, Project Manager, Building Science Solutions, Intertek, the project waterproofing consultant. “Additionally, the PreTak factory Hydrolap lap seams have extremely impressive bonds - I don’t think I’ve seen any other adhesive like that.”

Hartless was also very impressed by PreTak’s overall strength and resistance to puncture or damage.

The PreTak system is suitable for a variety of critical building envelope applications, challenging water table site conditions, and contaminated soils.

It is comprised of the PreTak membrane, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet that once installed provides a tough and durable chemical resistant waterproofing, methane, and contaminated soils barrier membrane.

Combined with a high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), PreTak fully adheres to freshly placed concrete or shotcrete, eliminating the potential for lateral water migration, water, or gas ingress. The system surpasses other fully adhered HDPE membrane systems by achieving the ideal blend between value and performance.

The team also appreciated EPRO’s diligence and support throughout this phase of the project. “Our EPRO product representatitve was supportive and great at communication - he was onsite frequently and addressed any questions or concerns immediately,” says Hartless.

4750 Santa Monica Blvd is set to be completed in 2024. The building is designed by HBA, and the waterproofing contractor is BMG. The general contractor is WestSide Contractor, Inc. and Canfield Development is the owner.