Located approximately 20 miles outside of Seattle, Kent, WA, provides convenient access to this major city via the Sounder Commuter Rail and local bus lines. In this part of the world, the weather tends to be rainier, and the overall environment is more damp. Buildings must be adequately protected. EPRO, Inc., a leading expert and manufacturer of waterproofing and contaminant barrier systems, has a history with projects in the Puget Sound area, and was also selected for use at Dwell. The teams determined that E.Protect for decking applications was the ideal product to for this project’s particular needs.

E.Protect Deck is comprised of a 120 mil reinforced polymer modified asphalt (e.spray), with a 15 mil protection sheet (shield 115). Areas requiring enhanced detailing utilize a roller applied version of e.spray, called e.roll. Lizard Waterproofing also considered E.Protect to be a highly-apt, robust, multi-layered, redundant system, and was drawn to the fact that it could be installed quickly, and came with a 15-year system warranty. The team had to install E.Protect in near-constant rain – a situation that would cause major delays with other waterproofing systems. Yet the product’s fast cure made it possible to spray, dry, and spray again in a short period of time.