Bolsa Row is a new, mixed-use development in Westminster, CA, located at the prominent and trendy intersection known as Little Saigon. Construction of the entire entity is planned in three phases: First, Bolsa Row apartments; then Bolsa Row Terrace consisting of 25,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space, and Phase III will consist of a Wyndham 5-story hotel.

EPRO were involved protecting Bolsa Row Terrace, where the building was constructed one story below grade and situated in the water table. PreTak was specified and installed with 10,000 square feet at the walls and 36,000 square feet underslab. Due to the constant presence of groundwater, it was the strongest and best fit for these conditions.

“This was a constant immersion job,” Mike Anderson, Chief Estimator, ArtDeck Waterproofing explains. “They could not stop the water coming through the walls with dewatering, and so PreTak was a good option for the situation. We will see water in this area through its entire life cycle – we installed even while water was coming up through the lagging – and we feel PreTak can hold up to that.”

PreTak is a pre-applied vertical and horizontal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet waterproofing membrane combined with a pressure sensitive adhesive that fully adheres to cast in place concrete and shotcrete to prevent lateral water migration in both blindside shoring and underslab applications. Installation is productive and reliable with up to 8 ft wide rolls to minimize seams and dual factory-adhered Hydrolap selvedge with specially formulated adhesive for superior seam adhesion, even in environmentally challenging, wet conditions.

Anderson’s team were able to install the system successfully despite the groundwater. “We installed a protection course over the lagging to keep the water going down the wall behind the protection course. PreTak was not installed in wet conditions, but it went together insanely fast.”

In fact, installation kept everyone on schedule despite inclement weather – and less than ideal construction conditions. “Even with the rains in Southern California at the time of installation and the fact our schedule was cut in half, we were still way ahead of where we needed to be on schedule,” he adds.

Regarding the product itself, the installation team found it easy to work with and apply. “The crew were very happy with the material, and they are excited to install it again,” Anderson says.