EPRO were excited to attend this year's Tennessee Environmental Network conference (TENSOS) in Chattanooga. Not only did we exhibit and share information about our waterproofing and vapor intrusion solutions, but we also were able to take a tour of the former Standard-Coosa-Thatcher Mill - a brownfield site currently undergoing redevelopment.

The Standard-Coosa-Thatcher Mill, is a former hosiery mill and a key piece of Chattanooga’s industrial past. This mill was one of the largest cotton refineries in the area and employed thousands of people. It finally shut down in the 1980s.

The redevelopment has been dubbed Mill Town and will have a total of 450 homes and become an "urban neighborhood," bringing new life back to the area.

Often, formerly industrial sites are what are known as "brownfields," which are previously developed sites that have fallen out of use and have not yet been redeveloped. They are often abandoned and found in urban and suburban areas.

Generally, these sites were once used for industrial, residential or commercial purposes.

At EPRO, we have extensive experience making sure brownfield sites are safe for redevelopment. We got into further detail about how our products, like Geo-Seal, are well-suited to protect and secure contaminated sites in this recent blog post.