Working with a trusted manufacturer is only one piece of the complex puzzle when it comes to finding the right product for your site-specific conditions. Extensive and informed product knowledge is key for a manufacturer’s ability to dial in the exact system for any site in any location.

When you select the right manufacturer, this is something they can do effortlessly. And as a bonus, they are happy and willing to share their expertise; better understanding means better communication and a smoother process overall.

While product quality and knowledge are key to optimal building envelope protection, it is also paramount that a trusted team has a network of certified applicators. Again, it all comes down to knowledge: Properly trained applicators and installers are able to ensure quick and seamless installation, which also helps projects stay on (sometimes very tight) schedule. These individuals also fully understand the scope of work required and can adapt to changing site conditions.

Long story short, there is immense value in working with an approved applicator – especially an EPRO-approved applicator, because choosing an EPRO system means your project gets a high-quality applicator. Here are a few other reasons why this is valuable and something to seek out:

  1. Product knowledge – EPRO has a broad range of robust waterproofing and vapor intrusion solutions. Having a certified EPRO applicator who has experienced – and understands! – all product lines will provide extra reassurance that this person is properly trained on EPRO products.
  2. Product application – Waterproofing and vapor intrusion products can be difficult to understand, let alone apply. With properly trained applicators, the team will know the product inside and out AND be able to work with it. This means that more projects stay on schedule and less errors occur on the job site – adding additional value to the product line you have selected.
  3. Safety (familiarity with equipment) – This one doesn’t require much explanation, but someone who is well-versed in specific product lines will be able to safely and accurately apply those products. And this cuts down on site issues, installation time and more.
  4. Experience and relationships – EPRO prides itself on excellent customer service and communication – and this extends to our applicator network. As an added bonus, trained applicators tend to have great working relationships with manufacturers and distribution channels. This leads to greater understanding across the board, which only serves to achieve the ultimate goal of successful system installation.
  5. Warranties – It is often a warranty requirement that products are installed by a trained applicator. This adds an extra level of protection and more peace of mind that your project is in the best hands possible.